Our group

The name of the organization stems from the latin noun "Theatrum", which naturally means "Theatre". We chose the name Teatricus to refer to two core pillars of our organization: gathering and performing arts.

Regroupement Teatricus is a nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to bring together performing arts professionals and provide them with digital tools.

The cornerstone of the organization is its database, created in 2010 and in which you can scroll through professional, company and venue directories, but also through a show catalogue, an event calendar and job offers from the cultural world.

Our mission statement

Regroupement Teatricus aims to provide digital tools to a network of performing arts professionals in order to sustain its growth and increase its efficiency.

Our goals
  • Bringing together the various cultural players by means of digital tools;
  • Creating documentation standards through a common performing arts industry database;
  • Promoting the use and development of digital tools by offering proper training to performing artists;
  • Promoting openness and sharing between the various communities;
  • Promoting Quebec's international reputation as a leading creator, producer and distributor of cultural tools.