Launched on December 1st 2015 as a new version of, is the organization's main tool.

It is intended for all performing arts professionals. It allows them to look up directories of professionals, companies and venues. It also allows them to scroll through a show catalogue, an event calendar and job offers from the cultural world. is an online tool developed in collaboration with Iconoclaste Musique.

It is intended for sound recording professionals, independent artists, show producers, venues, broadcasters, managers, large-scale or independent record companies, management agencies, etc.

With the click of a button, you will be able to post the dates of your events (concerts, plays, dance shows, etc.) on the popular social networking sites and on Quebec's cultural calendars! You will also be able to manage your own show calendars. In addition, you will be able to automatically export your information in order to update your personal files or your website.

Formerly integrated to, this platform will become in 2016 a full-fledged tool intended for all performing arts professionals.

You will only need to go through five steps to organize your international projects, to quickly and easily create technical profiles of your shows, to find venues that match your search criteria, etc. This basically means that compared to a manual search involving several people or departments, using will make you save time and energy.

The Réseau des Scènes Alternatives du Québec brings together venues and art galleries and promotes them in the Montreal and broader Quebec cultural landscape.

To further improve user access, Regroupement Teatricus established a partnership with RSAQ, which operates its own platform.

RASQ's website offers several functionalities, including: geolocation, artist profiles, venue descriptions, a section for posting offers (jobs, internships, festival organization, programmer training, discounts on advertisement broadcasting, etc.), an information section (existing regulations, training, etc.)and a section for broadcasting events or activities.

Regroupement Teatricus is in partnership with the digital platform Kinorezo, the first online social network dedicated to audiovisual and film professionals.

Do you wish to manage your professional contacts efficiently, expand your network and find new business opportunities? Kinorezo enables you, for example, to post your profile, job offers, news, and work online. It also enables you to communicate with your colleagues and to get all the updates from the audiovisual and cinematographic fields.